Consulting Services

Organizations are unique, as is each organization’s culture. While there are many approaches for realizing the benefits agility brings to an organization, there is not one defining approach or method.  For this reason, a black box approach for agile adoption often fails to deliver on the promises associated with its implementation. Agile Meridian was founded on the belief that the most-effective  agile consultants enter an engagement mastering a diverse set of tools as well as possess deep industry expertise in their application.

As seasoned agile practitioners, we have supported virtually every type of agile engagement including organizational Agile transformation at the enterprise level, scaling agile implementations within a portfolio, as well as building fundamental agile capabilities at the Team level.

Agile Meridian provides all services expected of a full life-cycle consultancy, including:

Agile Capability Assessment

Given the varied nature of agile engagements, we partner with every stakeholder to design a pragmatic approach that takes into consideration their unique organizational challenges, openness to pivot to an agile mindset, and well as readiness to build the supporting ecosystem required to achieve true business agility. At the outset of an engagement, we will conduct a targeted assessment of the existing agile maturity, or readiness to adopt agile, across multiple dimensions including organizational structure, business engagement, engineering practices, key roles and agile mindset. The resulting output is brief artifact providing success factors, potential challenges and a tactical go-forward strategy.  Thereafter, we work with the client to further customize the assessment process to guide the engagement, measure success as well as identify opportunities for on-going optimization.

ATI’s Agile Health Radar

As an additional assessment capability, our Team are Certified Facilitators of Agile Transformation Institutes’ Agile Health Radar, primarily used to promote organizational agility and cultural change through Lean principles, practices and mindset. 

Agile Kick-Start

Organizations seeking to pilot an Agile initiative, or rescue a project that’s gone side-ways, rely on our Team to bring all of the tools required to kick-start an initiative with all of the fundamental competencies in place.