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Transform your approach to Agile leadership with our SAFe® Scrum Master course.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback is a two-way street that is necessary for effective communication. Feedback allows you to get information about the effectiveness of your communication. It also helps the other person know what they are doing well and what they need to work on. In this course, we'll cover some techniques on how you can get better at both giving and receiving feedback.

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Introduction to Agile

An introduction to Agile, the history and practices that have evolved and continue to evolve over the past 3 decades all presented in a short concise set of on-demand and self-paced videos.

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Leading with Agility Introductory Lesson

A free introductory course in Agile Leadership! Take this to experience the entire first module of the ICAgile accredited course in leadership!

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