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Why Agile Meridian?


Agile Meridian is a consortium of agile subject matter experts with extensive industry expertise enabling individuals and organizations to develop and mature their agile capabilities. Our value proposition is straight-forward… simply stated, we’ve done the work! Collectively, we have over 60 years of demonstrated agile expertise, supporting both Federal and Commercial engagements, from kick-starting start-ups to shepherding large-scale organizational transformations.


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Meet The Team

Michael Jebber

Change Catalyst

For over 25 years, Mike has worked with companies to provide improvements around product development, executive training, strategic planning, software development, project management, sales, HR, governance and other business areas in both highly-regulated and non-regulated industries. More recently, Mike has been working with companies on improving system-wide performance, assisting with Lean and Agile organizational adoptions, and provided training and coaching using Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking, Business Agility, User-Centered Design, and Organizational Development techniques and mindsets. 

Kumar Dattatreyan

Change Catalyst

With 20+ years in the Information Technology sector and a decade of running restaurants prior to that, Kumar possesses a unique skill set and approach to transformational coaching that’s always evolving.  He strongly believes that guiding leaders on a path to a coaching mindset is key to unlocking the potential of the individual, the team, and ultimately the organization.

Most recently, Kumar has been working to blend a professional coaching approach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF ACC) with an agile approach to outcomes and execution.  

Jolly Rajan

Change Catalyst

Having spent over half his career in product teams delivering mission critical solutions, Jolly is passionate about helping organizations achieve the business agility that will help them compete in the global market place. He leverages his deep understanding of organizational behavior and knowledge of the technology landscape to bring impactful transformation of the organizational mindset and grow high performing teams that can sustain the change over a long period of time.