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Transform your approach to Agile leadership with our SAFeĀ® Scrum Master course.

Deliver "AMazing" means always aiming for the triple win...

Improve your Outcomes

Improve your Environment

Improve Yourself


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Achieve Business Outcomes

The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is outcome-flavored.  See your people and your organization measurably achieve more early, and continue to check boxes off your list of organizational goals and objectives.

Increase Organizational Agility

Seeing achievements is great.  Seeing them happen continuously is the goal.  Learn what it takes to achieve success with adaptive practices and strategies capable of bypassing disruption and unknowns that come at you every year.

Improve Individual's Capabilities

Your talent is your greatest untapped advantage.  Unleash your talent's true capabilities by adding to your core skills and showing you modern ways to achieve sustained success in any dynamic situation.


Proven Modern Approach (DEEP)

Let us help you collaboratively design your agile vision and roadmap with our DEEP Engagement Approach to deliver an appropriate yet immediate kickstart to your journey of continuous success.

Easily Applied Learning + Training

Our Learning Facilitators are here to help you succeed! We are certified to teach using methods that work best for busy working adults, using applied learning techniques based on the latest research.

Coaching, Mentoring, Support

With an Agile Transformation Roadmap created and a learning program established, let our change management experts help you own, adopt and sustain your improvements for the long-term.

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"I highly recommend Agile Meridian and Kumar as a coach for individuals and teams. He coached our psychometric team of nearly 40 staff to design and iteratively implement a new and more Agile way of working that fit our needs. He also provided individual coaching for managers and staff members. As an individual coachee I truly appreciated Kumar's ability to genuinely connect, ask insightful questions, and assist me in challenging situations."
"Mike and Agile Meridian led our team into the world of Agile with great direction, detail, patience, and ideas. Since then our team has benefited from his coaching/mentoring and we have released so many great tools because of our new processes which we tooled based on Michael's direction. Class Act!"
"It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Chris Daily from Agile Meridian. I joined his team when I took on a new role as Release Manager for FNF's Agency Solutions project. Chris is an exceptional leader and an outstanding mentor. He repeatedly demonstrated his ability to coach, motivate and drive his team towards the goal of timely, high-quality releases. Chris is highly energetic and always very positive. He excels at removing impediments and maximizing efficiency. Chris keeps abreast of the latest technologies, and strongly encourages feedback from his group as we work towards solutions to challenges. Chris is a consummate professional. I hope to get the chance to work again with him in the future."

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