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Danny Moore 

CEO - DeNovo

"Agile Meridian's Leadership Cohort was a game-changer for our company. The experience brought our leadership team together, unveiling shared values and diverse leadership styles. Agile leadership, as we learned, enabled us to pivot swiftly during the pandemic and achieve remarkable success. The Capability Accelerator Program further accelerated our transformation, instilling a sense of urgency and accountability across the company. Thanks to Agile Meridian, our growth mindset is propelling us forward, continuously reshaping our trajectory, and fostering lasting change."

Bob Owen

President, Enprotech Industrial Technologies

"Agile Meridian's highly collaborative DEEP™ (Discover, Engage, Empower, Perform) and Disruptor Method™ approaches have transformed our organization, enabling us to develop and implement a robust leadership and business operating model in record time. They consistently demonstrated a vested interest in Enprotech's growth and well-being throughout the process. Their willingness to go above and beyond to support us and their expertise has made them invaluable partners in our journey toward sustained excellence and growth." 

Eileen Bewley

President - Bevcorp LLC

"Through the implementation of the operational leadership model, we witnessed remarkable changes across our manufacturing facilities. The DEEP™ approach promoted accountability and ownership at all levels, fostering a sense of pride and motivation among our teams. As a result, we experienced increased visibility and collaboration, enhanced productivity, reduced operational costs, and reduced time to delivery, significantly benefiting our bottom line."

Chris Pascarella

CEO - Industrious Holding Group

"I firmly believe that Agile Meridian's DEEP™ and Disruptor Method™ approaches can bring immense value to other holding companies and equity firm businesses.

When we acquired a new holding, Agile Meridian's expertise was highly beneficial in facilitating the education and implementation of a leadership and operating model that integrates with the model at Industrious Group.  This approach accelerates the integration timeline, allowing us to quickly uncover opportunities, capture synergies, and align on critical priorities to begin realizing the acquisition's value effectively"

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