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Professional Coaching

Our coaching packages are designed with YOU in mind, tailored to fit your schedule and YOUR goals. 

Our coaches have had tremendous success in helping our clients identify and removing obstacles that they find impeding their personal or business results. With our experience in Lean, Agile and Design Thinking, we employ techniques and models to help our clients achieve their potential!

2 Sessions per month

Career + Capability

The pace of change has accelerated and shows no signs of slowing down. These changes demand new skills to help collaborate with our peers, team, or clients in ways we didn't think about before. 

No matter the role you play, your facilitation, listening, coaching skills - basically your human skills need to improve exponentially in order to thrive.

Geared toward anyone in the workplace, new or experienced; we'll help you unlock your potential by identifying blind spots and how to overcome them as well as understand your strengths and the role they play in the new ways of working. 

2 sessions per month

Leadership/Executive Coaching

Are you a leader, or aspiring leader looking for a way to improve your influence?  Have you found yourself wondering how you can have more impact in your company?  Are you looking to gain a leadership edge, or just feeling overwhelmed with all the hats you have to wear? 

Designed to help you define what you want to achieve as a leader, and to crystalize how you will lead your team, this package will help you determine your leadership style, and adopt other styles you may not be comfortable with.  It includes various assessment which will help you determine your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Business Ecosystem

Whether you're a new startup, or an established business, this package is a combination of professional coaching and pragmatic workshops to help you and your leadership team develop the capabilities needed to cope with accelerated change in today's world.  

We will help you discover and understand the ecosystem that your business is a part of, the bottlenecks that are holding your business back, and help you engineer the resilience in your systems that enable true Business Agility.  

We structure our sessions to cater to your needs, with individual sessions combined with group coaching sessions and workshops tailored to your schedule and the challenges you face.




Our credentials

Between us,  we have over 60 years of experience, as agilists and leaders


A lifelong learner and one of the creators of this course.  With 20+ years in the Information Technology sector and a decade of running restaurants prior to that, Kumar possesses a unique skill set and approach to transformational coaching that’s always evolving. 

Kumar Dattatreyan
/ Change Catalyst

Having spent over half his career in product teams delivering mission critical solutions, Jolly is passionate about helping organizations achieve the business agility that will help them compete in the global market place.

Jolly Rajan
/ Change Catalyst

For over 25 years, Mike has worked with companies to provide improvements around product development, executive training, strategic planning, software development, project management, sales, HR, governance and other business areas in both highly-regulated and non-regulated industries. 

Mike Jebber
/Change Catalyst

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