AARGH! Not another Retrospective! And how to make them fun again!

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AARGH! Not another Retrospective! And how to make them fun again!

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Have you ever been to a retrospective you dreaded attending? Where you didn't see the value in it, and it felt like a total waste of time? Or maybe you're a #scrummaster facilitating a #retrospective with little to no engagement, or worse, the attendees are openly rebelling against it. It happens, especially now in a #remote or #hybrid work environment, it can be very hard to build a strong #continuousimprovement #mindset and discipline. Join us in a fun simulation of a #retrospective gone wrong, followed by a discussion on how you can improve your retrospectives. Some tips we cover in this video and also covered more extensively in this blog post: https://www.agilemeridian.com/blog/aa... 1. Be sure that the whole team buys into the "Why" behind the Retrospective. Why do we do them? What is the benefit? What's in it for the #team? 2. Make Improvements Visible: Ensure that improvement items are visible and prioritized so that people see that the time they spend in retrospectives results in tangible results 3. Deepen relationships with the team: As a Scrum Master, your main role is to coach the team, to understand the mindset, the trials, and the struggles your team has gone through in the past sprint. Be there for them, and stay away from "check-list Scrum" or doing the retro because you have to. Sometimes, it may be better to postpone the retrospective to a time that is more conducive to having a meaningful conversation about how the team can improve as a team 4. Vary the Technique: Tailor the approach you use to facilitate the retrospective to what the team needs. Refrain from the same old "What went well, what could go better, actions" template. It gets old real fast! 5. Ensure you can talk about the "stinky fish"! A team with no psychological safety won't get much value out of a retrospective since they will rarely talk about anything below the surface-level problems. 6. And finally, have fun! Retrospectives are as much a celebration of the team's accomplishments as they are an opportunity to learn and improve. Make sure they are a fun event people look forward to. Please subscribe to our channel, and give us some feedback! And finally, please join our community. It's free! https://community.agilemeridian.com/invitation?code=C9JE74

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