Value Stream Mapping - A Practical Approach to Continuous Improvement: Episode 57

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Value Stream Mapping - A Practical Approach to Continuous Improvement: Episode 57

Season #2

Welcome to Agile Meridian's Agile Shorts! In this episode, Kumar, Mike, and Chris take you on an insightful journey into the world of Value Stream Mapping (VSM). Discover how VSM, a powerful tool for continuous improvement, can be applied to your organization's processes, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and optimized workflow. Value Stream Mapping is not a new concept, but in this video, we explore a unique and practical approach developed by the Agile Meridian team. Through this technique, we identified and addressed impediments and bottlenecks along the value stream, ultimately paving the way for improved collaboration and increased productivity. In this episode, we'll cover: Understanding the Value Stream Mapping approach and how it differs from traditional process mapping Benefits of using VSM as part of an accelerator program for continuous improvement. How VSM helps organizations understand their current state, enabling better decision-making and problem-solving. The power of collaboration and knowledge sharing when mapping value streams. Real-world examples from a recent VSM session at a client site and the surprising discoveries they made. Whether you're new to Value Stream Mapping or a seasoned practitioner, this video offers valuable insights and practical tips for making the most of this powerful tool. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your organization's efficiency and pave the way for a successful continuous improvement journey. 🔔 Subscribe to Agile Meridian for more Agile Shorts episodes 📚 Learn more about Value Stream Mapping and Agile Meridian's Disruptor Method:  🎯 Who should watch this video? Project managers, Scrum Masters, Lean practitioners, Agile coaches, and anyone interested in driving continuous improvement in their organization. 👍 Like this video if you found it helpful, and share it with your peers to spread the knowledge! #ValueStreamMapping #ContinuousImprovement #AgileShorts #AgileMeridian #Lean #AgileCoaching #ProcessImprovement

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