(Special) Triple Loop Learning in XSCALE: Part 3

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(Special) Triple Loop Learning in XSCALE: Part 3

Season #2

Join Kumar Dattatreyan and Glenn Marshall from Agile Meridian in this third part of the series on Triple Loop Learning. In this episode, we delve deeper into an important pattern within XSCALE, known as the Camelot Model, which manifests Triple Loop Learning pattern. We begin by discussing the standard roles in a Scrum team, how information is shared among them, and the complications that can arise in larger organizations or value streams with multiple teams. Learn about the Scrum of Scrums, its limitations, and the vital role of Communities of Practice. The main highlight of the episode is our examination of the Camelot Model, which promotes the seamless and democratized sharing of ideas and information among all team roles. We bring you a practical case study from a client site, illustrating how the Camelot Model was successfully implemented to improve information flow and reduce cycle times by a significant margin. Don't miss this valuable discussion about a model that has the potential to revolutionize your Agile teams' effectiveness and efficiency. Stay tuned for further deep dives into the Camelot Model in the upcoming parts of this series.

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