Lean-Agile Leadership: The Key to Transformation Episode 59

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Lean-Agile Leadership: The Key to Transformation Episode 59

Season #2

Welcome to our latest episode, where Kumar Dattatreyan and Michael Frantz dive into the world of Lean-Agile Leadership. In this insightful discussion, we break down the buzzword "Lean-Agile Leadership" and explore its practical implications. If you've ever wondered what it really means to be a Lean-Agile Leader and how it impacts organizations, this episode is for you! Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction 1:12 - Defining Lean-Agile Leadership 3:05 - Origins of Lean and Agile 5:20 - The Role of Leadership in Lean-Agile 7:45 - Incentivization and Leadership Behaviors 10:20 - The Disruptor Method for Change 13:05 - SAFe's Focus on Leadership 15:30 - Importance of Lean-Agile Leadership in Today's Industry 18:10 - Closing Thoughts If you're a leader looking to empower your teams, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful change in your organization, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable takeaways. Don't miss out! Join us for this engaging discussion and discover the power of Lean-Agile Leadership.

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