Combat Agile! An Interview with Dr. Brett Mers - Episode 60

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Combat Agile! An Interview with Dr. Brett Mers - Episode 60

Season #2

Retired Air Force officer and current Air Force Academy professor Dr. Brett Mers shares an insider's perspective on incorporating agile strategy and adversarial thinking into modern military planning.

Drawing on his firsthand experience using red teaming in the Air Force, Dr. Mers explains how these approaches promote adaptability, critical thinking, and effectiveness when developing battlefield tactics and large-scale operations.

He outlines the limitations of traditional linear planning in today's dynamic environments and discusses how iterative processes allow for more fluid, nimble responses.

‌We will also explores common misconceptions around red teaming and how these approaches are similar and different from Agile Planning and Execution.

‌Offering a rare look inside current military strategic doctrine through the lens of a seasoned veteran, this interview provides powerful lessons on how forward-thinking leaders in any domain can leverage agility, red teams, and a growth mindset to out-think the competition.

We hope you join us for what I expect to be a powerful conversation!

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