Episode 72: Permaculture vs Ecosystem Thinking - Principles 3 and 4

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Episode 72: Permaculture vs Ecosystem Thinking - Principles 3 and 4

Season #2

Join hosts Kumar and Glenn as they continue their discussion comparing permaculture and ecosystem thinking principles. In this episode, they break down the third and fourth principles of each framework.

The third principle focuses on obtaining yields and outcomes in a balanced, sustainable way. Kumar and Glenn discuss how both permaculture and ecosystem thinking aim to generate useful yields/outcomes rather than just outputs.

The fourth principle covers self-regulation and feedback loops. The hosts discuss how creating organic, self-managing systems that rely on feedback helps systems adapt and thrive. They give examples from nature and business.

Overall, this is an insightful discussion about aligning teams, focusing on high-value outcomes, decentralized control, and shared purpose/values. Kumar and Glenn draw parallels between permaculture and ecosystem thinking in designing robust, sustainable systems.

Tune in and learn more about how these two frameworks complement each other in their approaches to mimicking nature's wisdom!

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