Episode 77: Lean & Clean: A Conversation with Kanban Guru Mark Grove

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Episode 77: Lean & Clean: A Conversation with Kanban Guru Mark Grove

Season #2

We're thrilled to sit down with Mark Grove, an accomplished agile coach and foremost expert on the Kanban method. As an agile thought leader, Mark has dedicated his career to helping teams embrace an agile mindset to enhance performance and deliver continuous value. In this exclusive interview, Mark explains how he helps teams implement agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban. He shares insightful stories and lessons learned from coaching countless organizations on their agile journeys. Mark discusses the core principles behind Kanban and why it has become an essential tool for teams seeking innovative ways to maximize output. He reveals how Kanban's focus on workflow, visualization, and continuous improvement helps knowledge workers optimize how they do their jobs. Additionally, Mark outlines some common challenges teams face when transitioning to agile. He provides practical advice for overcoming resistance, managing change, and getting organizational buy-in for new ways of working. Whether you're new to agile or a seasoned practitioner, Mark sheds light on the latest trends and future directions of Lean and agile methodologies. With over two decades of experience coaching teams, Mark Grove has a wealth of wisdom to share that you won't want to miss!

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