Episode 79: The Big Pivot: My Journey to Business Coaching

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Episode 79: The Big Pivot: My Journey to Business Coaching

Season #2

Join us as we sit down with one of our founders, @Kumar Dattatreyan, to discuss his transition from organizational coaching to small business coaching. We'll discuss what motivated this important pivot in his coaching practice - from helping large companies implement change to working directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners on unlocking rapid growth and profitability. In this insightful interview, we'll explore how Kumar's background equips him to help small businesses tackle their most pressing challenges and achieve their full potential through impactful coaching strategies. Expect an honest, thought-provoking discussion around the keys to success that allow some small businesses to flourish while others stagnate. Get the inside scoop on coaching programs catered to leaders ready to future-proof, expand, and dominate their industry. Whether you're considering business coaching or just interested in his journey into this exciting new chapter, you won't want to miss this transparent chat where Mike chast with Kumar on mentorship, mastery, and leveling up as an entrepreneur. The Disruptor Method referenced: https://www.thedisruptormethod.com/ And Profit Sensei: https://profit-sensei.com/

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