Episode 82: Keep your Word or Lose Trust

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Episode 82: Keep your Word or Lose Trust

Season #2

No matter what methodology your team uses, commitment is key. Team members build trust through accountability when they promise to complete a task by a certain date. But what happens when those commitments get broken? In this Epiisode, Enterprise Coach @Kumar Dattatreyan explains why keeping your word is vital for a high-functioning team environment. We'll discuss: ✅ How to make realistic commitments ✅ Proactive communication strategies when you are at risk of not meeting expectations ✅ Ways to reflect on past commitment failures You build credibility with your teammates by being careful what you commit to and moving heaven and earth to follow through. When you say you’ll get something done, they take your word for it. Take a listen to this podcast and come away with insights on how to build a high-performing team.

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