Episode 83: The Power of Small, and Diverse Solutions

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Episode 83: The Power of Small, and Diverse Solutions

Season #2

Another episode of the #XSCALE ecosystem principles brought to you by @Agile Meridian! Join Kumar and Glenn and learn how the permaculture principles of using small and slow solutions and valuing diversity translate to more sustainable and resilient systems. We discuss how small-scale farming leads to more diversity and how over-optimization can create fragility. Drawing parallels to organizational development, we explore how simplicity, automation, experimentation, and small empowered teams can create more adaptable products and organizations. We attempt to uncover the wisdom of natural systems and also offer lessons for creating healthy businesses. This podcast emphasizes the powerful concepts of small, slow, diverse solutions, linking them to permaculture principles 9 and 10. And finally, we summarize the key points around those principles, relating them to natural ecosystems and software/business constructs.

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