Bonus! AI and Agile Alignment; Will AI Eat Us?

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Bonus! AI and Agile Alignment; Will AI Eat Us?

Season #2

Can AI truly transform software development, or is it all hype? This episode explores an Agile approach called Behavior Driven Development (BDD) that combines human collaboration with AI, based on a recent article by Peter Merel. Link to the article: In this video, hosted by @Agile Meridian, we interview Peter Merel to gain more insights into how the "Three Amigos Plus One" BDD workflow, with AI as the fourth amigo, can create game-changing productivity gains through test automation and legacy system analysis. We also cover the critical need for continuous alignment of both code and teams to provide necessary oversight on AI's hallucinatory tendencies. Without the human element, AI risks becoming a runaway positive feedback loop! So, if you want to understand how Agile AI Development and Delivery can transform software innovation, based on insights from Peter Merel's recent article, be sure to listen to this episode

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