Rethinking Value Creation: The EVER™ Model with Colin O'Neill

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Rethinking Value Creation: The EVER™ Model with Colin O'Neill

Season #2

In this episode of the Meridian Point podcast, @Kumar Dattatreyan interviews @Colin O'Neill, entrepreneur, thought leader, and author of the book "Take Control by Giving Up Control." Colin introduces his innovative framework called the Entity Value Realization (EVER™) model, which aims to help organizations rethink how they realize value by better connecting strategy to execution.

Key topics covered include:

- The importance of distinguishing between internal and external value

- Using "fusion teams" to deeply understand customers

- Communicating strategy effectively using Goals, Strategies and Outcomes (GSOs)

- Giving up some control to empower employees to innovate

- How the EVER™ model builds upon and addresses limitations of frameworks like SAFe

- Plans to operationalize the EVER™ model

Whether you're a business executive, manager, or just passionate about organizational transformation, listen to gain insights into this unique approach to driving growth and delivering value. Learn more in Colin's new book, "Take Control by Giving Up Control," available now on Amazon.

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