Evolving your Skills in a Changing Environment

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Evolving your Skills in a Changing Environment

Season #2

Join us for an engaging discussion with Steve Kuryk, a UI developer turned product manager and leader, as he shares his insights on leadership and developing one's sphere of influence. In this episode, Steve walks us through his career journey, from adapting to the disruption of the early 2000s tech bubble burst to leading teams in large-scale agile projects. He shares valuable lessons on empowering team members, catering to their ambitions, and creating a multidisciplinary environment that fosters growth and innovation. Steve also delves into the importance of situational and servant leadership, and how these approaches can help leaders effectively guide their teams to success. Whether you're an aspiring leader or a seasoned professional, this episode is packed with practical advice and wisdom that will help you develop your leadership skills and expand your influence.

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