Turning Adversity into Impact

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Turning Adversity into Impact

Season #2

In this inspiring podcast, I sit down with Jon King, a veteran, entrepreneur, and visionary driven by a mission to create a better world. Jon shares his remarkable journey of overcoming personal loss and adversity, which fueled his passion for mentorship and community unity.

From his military service in the Air Force and Army to his transition into the corporate world, Jon's experiences have shaped his unique perspective on leadership, adaptability, and the power of perseverance. Throughout the conversation, Jon delves into his recent endeavors, including the launch of the Veteran Reachback Group and Eagle Rising Foundation, which aim to redefine mentorship and provide valuable resources to veterans and the community at large.

He discusses his innovative approach to problem-solving, leveraging AI technology to streamline processes and enhance productivity in his various ventures, such as P&P Design Collections and RAC. With a firm belief that "no" is merely an obstacle to overcome, Jon encourages listeners to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and never give up on their dreams.

His message of #resilience, personal responsibility, and the importance of sharing knowledge across generations is thought-provoking and motivating. Whether you're a veteran, entrepreneur, or simply seeking inspiration to navigate life's challenges, this podcast offers valuable insights and practical advice from a man who exemplifies the transformative power of turning adversity into impact.

Links to his site: https://eaglerisingfoundation.com/programs/

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