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Transform your approach to Agile leadership with our SAFe® Scrum Master course.




Agile Meridian - Role Based

Elevate Your Expertise with Targeted Agile Training

Our role-based Agile courses allow you to hone the specific skills needed for your position. Whether you're an Agile Product Owner, Scrum Master, team member, manager or working with Agile Portfolios, we have a course designed to provide you with the tools and techniques to improve collaboration, delivery, and business outcomes. Learn from experienced coaches how to facilitate, lead, or participate in Agile frameworks through real-world examples and actionable strategies you can apply immediately.

Level Up Your Agile Skills with Specialized Training

Our targeted Agile courses equip you with the exact abilities your role demands. Scrum Masters gain facilitation and conflict resolution techniques. Product Owners learn stakeholder management and value optimization. Engineers master technical practices for quality and speed. Managers develop skills to support self-organizing teams. Every course offers real-world scenarios and actionable frameworks so you can lead Agile initiatives with confidence. With flexible online options and small class sizes, you’ll get personalized attention to unlock your potential. Join us and take your Agile practice to the next level!


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The Product Mindset - ICAgile APO

The ICAgile Accredited Agile Product Owner (ICP-APO) course.  This course is a journey to the heart of a customer-centric Product Mindset, where you will experientially learn how to be an effective and innovative Product Owner!

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PSPO prep course

Level up your game with our Prep Course, designed to help you prepare for the challenging PSPO exam.  

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Scrum Master Bootcamp

Attend our one-day boot camp and leave with a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum Framework.  This class is geared to all the roles in Scrum: The Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the team

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Art of Facilitation Masterclass

In our opinion, Facilitation is one of the most important skills in today's world, especially since so much of our work is remote.  This class will prepare you to lead fruitful and consequential sessions, whether remote or in person. No matter your role, great facilitation skills are a requirement!

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Agile for PM's

Are you a Project Manager looking to learn more about Agile? Then this one-day BootCamp course is for you.  

We cover the fundamentals of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban to help you apply the techniques and practices as an Agile PM.  Also included is forever access to our on-demand Agile Fundamentals course for easy reference anytime!

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Agile for Leaders

This one-day Bootcamp will prepare leaders at all experience levels to learn and apply Lean and Agile principles to their organization.  

This course will provide the foundations of Agile and how they apply to the leader's role. In our opinion, the leader plays the most important role in developing and supporting an Agile Mindset.  This class will prepare you to lead your team and organization.

Agile Foundations

Need to learn the basics?

Explore our foundational agile and lean courses by clicking below:

Advanced Agile

Ready to go to the next level?

If you're ready for something more advanced, explore our advanced agile courses below:


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