Master your Agile Coaching and Facilitation Skills in 5 days!

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 Become a Certified Agile Coach and Facilitator with this dual-certification Bootcamp!  

This Bootcamp combines the ICAgile Agile Coaching      and the ICAgile Agile Team Facilitationknowledge-based certification.  This course is accredited by ICAgile and we have some of the best instructors/coaches who have real-world experience teaching it.  Many of our instructors also are credentialed by the prestigious International Coaching Federation (ICF) and so you get the best coaches teaching you the best ways to coach.  


Become an expert Agile Coach and Facilitator

Wondering if this class is the right choice for you? Ask yourself these questions...

  • Do you struggle to help your team become more self-reliant and high-performing?
  • Are you being tasked with transforming your team, your department or division?
  • Are you a natural listener, a natural leader looking for techniques to help you coach others to their potential? 

Over the course of this class, you'll learn valuable techniques with experiential practice coaching, mentoring, teaching and facilitation sessions and at the conclusion you'll be energized and ready to take your team to new heights!  

  • Learn critical listening and coaching skills as you progress from facilitator to coach and pass those skills to your team!
  • Improve team and organizational performance by applying your coaching skills to help people reach their potential 
  • Improve engagement and retention using techniques from Sharon Bowman's Training from the back of the Room.


What you'll learn

This Agile Coaching and Facilitation Bootcamp is a dual-certification course conducted over five consecutive days.

Applying an Agile Mindset?

Being a Skilled Agile Coach is about manifesting the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto while maintaining neutrality as part of the group process. An expert Agile Coach will understand the mindset and be able to help their team apply the values and principles to the work they do.  

Coaching Competencies

Our course follows the ICF Coaching Competencies, and you get to practice holding a coaching conversation in a safe setting while applying your skills to individual and team development.  We focus our work together on building your coaching competence with real-world examples and activities that help you hone your skills

Mentoring Competencies

A Masterful Agile Coach knows when to coach, and when to mentor, and we provide a lot of practice time to distinguish between the two.  Mentoring is a skill often confused with coaching and we sift through the differences and help you determine when to use this approach in your coaching and team building engagements

Facilitation Competencies

Strong facilitation skills include staying neutral no matter the situation.  From creating a set of Ground Rules for every meeting to utilizing a Parking Lot, you will learn these and so many other techniques to help you stay neutral as a facilitator. In addition, you'll practice techniques to shift your stance based on the circumstance in the meeting.

Teaching Competencies

An Agile Coach spends much of their time teaching the basics, and not so basics, to their clients.  We bring a focus to this competency and teach you how to teach, utilizing the latest in adult learning theory and applying it in practice

Community engagement

We provide access to our private community for three months (you can extend indefinitely for an additional fee), where you can continue to learn and grow your skills through Cohort-Based learning.  Our cohorts meet bi-weekly and we practice coaching, facilitation, mentoring and teaching competencies

Bootcamp Style or Cohort Style - You Pick!

Pick from a Coaching Intensive that runs daily for five consecutive days or a Cohort Program that runs for twelve weekly sessions.

You will be able to pick your preferred class schedule on the checkout screen.  (Class dates in 2024 are now available)

In addition, you will have immediate access to a private community with access to bi-weekly cohort sessions for three months on us!  In these sessions, you can practice what you learn in our course intensive.



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