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Become a master facilitator in this ICAgile-certified workshop. Through templates, patterns, and exercises, you'll complete this course with a newfound sense of agility and the ability to supercharge anything you facilitate! 

This course is a 16-hour (over 2 or 4 days) intensive + access to a cohort program for three additional months that includes bi-weekly sessions where you will get to practice what we teach in our intensive.  Our training doesn't stop with the course, as you'll have access to a private community where you can practice with your peers!


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What you'll learn

This Agile Facilitation Masterclass has everything you need to supercharge your Facilitation Skills!

What is an Agile Facilitation Mindset?

Being a Skilled Facilitator is about manifesting the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto while maintaining neutrality as part of the group process.  A Scrum Master, often called an Agile Team Facilitator, is someone who is an expert facilitator, no easy skill to master. You will learn how to balance the needs of your team while serving as their team coach and agile expert.

My meetings seem so unproductive!

One of the Key Points in our course is Meeting Facilitation! And facilitating meetings is all about being aware of group dynamics.  We teach you how to apply various tools and techniques for managing meetings with a purpose that delivers on its desired outcomes.  

How can I improve my communication skills?

A facilitator needs to listen actively and hear what every team member or meeting participant is saying.  Facilitation is all about guided conversations, both during meetings and in one-on-one interactions.  Learn how to give and receive feedback effortlessly You will practice active listening while giving feedback to each other.  

How do I shift from neutral facilitator to having a point of view?

Strong facilitation skills include staying neutral no matter the situation.  From creating a set of Ground Rules for every meeting to utilizing a Parking Lot, you will learn these and so many other techniques to help you stay neutral as a facilitator. In addition, you'll practice techniques to shift your stance based on the circumstance in the meeting.

How do I facilitate remote meetings?

Remote facilitation requires a different set of skills, tools, and techniques from in-person facilitation.  What you lose from in-person meetings is the social connection.  What you will learn and practice is how to practice social facilitation in a remote environment. 

Our Agile Ceremonies are boring. How do I spice them up?

The Agile and Scrum ceremonies can get old and stale if you use the same techniques to facilitate them.  By combining techniques from Training from the Back of the Room, Liberating Structures, and others, your team or group becomes experts at problem solving!


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In addition, you will have immediate access to a private community with access to bi-weekly cohort sessions for three months on us!  In these sessions, you will be able to practice what you learn in our course intensive.



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