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Agile Meridian - Advanced

Elevate Your Agile Expertise

Join us to access a comprehensive range of advanced Agile courses and certifications. We partner with world-renowned experts to equip professionals and organizations for agile transformation success.

Taking Agile Abilities to the Next Level!

Our catalog offers an extensive range of advanced Agile courses facilitated by expert coaches with real-world experience. Programs like Leading with Agility build critical leadership capabilities required in agile environments. Become a certified practitioner through intensive certifications like the Agile Team Coaching Certification. Enhance facilitation skills to expert levels with the Art of Facilitation Masterclass. Interpersonal training tackles soft skills gaps holding teams back. Stay updated on connections between AI and business agility. Take a big picture view, strategically scaling Agile methodologies across portfolios. And join immersive bootcamps placing you alongside cohorts for collaborative applied learning.

We tailor flexible programs to suit your goals, taking your Agile fluency to new levels. Self-paced online courses allow you to learn on your schedule. But intensive certifications and masterclasses ensure takeaways are more than skin-deep. And expert coaching guidance pushes you past limitations. So dive into advancing expertise through our specialized Agile courses today!


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Leading with Agility - ICAgile LEA

The ICAgile accredited Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA) learning experience is specifically designed to prepare leaders to respond to increasingly turbulent economic, technological, sociological and market forces as well as global paradigm shifts that require new leadership thinking.

Community Cohort

Leadership Accelerator

Embrace VUCA and the power of change to help lead and nurture amazing teams capable of amazing feats! It's all in you! Unleash your potential through your Leadership Agility and personal growth! 

Classes forming now!

Agile Team Coaching Certification

Our ICAgile Accredited Agile Coaching Intensive prepares you to become an influential and sought-after Agile Coach.  It empowers you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a team or enterprise coaching role.  

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Agile Coaching Bootcamp - ICAgile ACC and ATF

Our ICAgile Accredited Agile Coaching and Facilitation Bootcamp is a dual-certification program that prepares you to become an effective and sought-after Agile Coach.  It empowers you with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a team or enterprise coaching role.  

Dates in October

Art of Facilitation Masterclass

Inside the Facilitation Masterclass, we've put together a package that we wish we had had when we started out. We'll explore templates, practice patterns, and exercises you can use to supercharge how you facilitate anything.

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Soft Skills

Stay tuned for this exciting new course!  This course is focused on building your soft skills, including: 

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Conflict Resolution and Management and much more
Classes forming now!

Kanban System Design

Join our Kanban University Accredited training giving you advanced training and concepts and preparing you to implement Kanban in your team, your department or your entire organization!

Private SAFe Training!

Scaled Agile Framework

Agile Meridian has SAFe Certified SPCs on staff who can provide private training to you and your employees.  We cover all SAFe topics from foundational to advanced.  Click below to provide your information, and we'll get back to you promptly


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