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3 Great Reasons Why You Should Become a Lifelong Learner

 by Chris Daily

The list of benefits from lifelong learning is long and impressive. In the past, lifelong learning has not been as available as it is now.

Taking a lifelong learning approach can change your life. Whether you use formal training through corporate learning programs, adult education programs via local organizations, higher education, or take a self directed approach through online courses, the learning environment is readily available to all. Making sense out of which approach works for you is the key to your future success.

Here are three of the many benefits of have a lifelong learning process that you embrace throughout your life.

1 – You Learn to Love and Respect Yourself

You might have a good relationship with who you are. You're proud of your accomplishments and regularly give yourself props for being you. Sometimes though, we can all do with an improved self-image. Adult learning can provide that opportunity.

Self-esteem comes and goes. It rises and falls just like the tides. We enjoy high self-esteem after some success or when we're around people who appreciate us. Then other scenarios, such as failure and spending time with people who bring us down, cause our self-esteem to plummet.

Self-improvement through self-directed learning increases your knowledge which ultimately improves confidence and personal fulfillment. Much-deserved self-esteem, a positive attitude, and self-respect are the best rewards for dedicating your life to personal development and a lifelong learning process.

2 – You Inspire Positive Change in the People around You

Think about the biggest achievements in your life. You probably had to learn a lot to have those experiential learning experiences. Sure, sometimes, we fumble our way to success. A person spends a dollar on a lottery ticket, and their life is changed overnight. They didn't have to learn anything for that to happen.

For the most part, lifelong learners experiences will be directly related to what they know. If you and a coworker are after the same promotion, who gets it? If you have invested in your professional development and lifelong learning, improved your skills, and increased your practical knowledge than your competitor, you stand a good chance of getting the job.

When you take a self-directed learning approach for your own sake embracing your personal growth that changes who you are, you inspire those around you. Many times you motivate people and don't even know that it happened.

Your coworker sees all the hard work you put in to gain knowledge through self-directed learning that results in the job they didn't get. Your positive attitude is contagious. Your attitude can inspire them to take the same accountability approach to their adult learning and formal education.

3 – You Teach Yourself That Anything Is Possible

Even the smallest of changes can be life-altering. One day you taught yourself how to build a website. It's possible to build a site or a blog in an afternoon. This is true even if you have very little to no experience. Using the knowledge you acquired from experiential learning, you start building websites for other people and create a six-figure per year income stream. Your self directed learning has paid off in ways you might not have imagined.

Small changes can lead to big changes. 

The small changes that resulted from your own learning make you feel good about yourself. They also show you that anything is possible. You didn't know how to do something before. Then, you improved your skill set because you decided you could learn what you needed to know. Adopt a lifetime learning mindset, and the world opens up to you.

These are just three of the many rewards lifelong learning can offer to you as a lifelong learner. You can change your life in wonderful ways when you give yourself the gift of constantly learning new things through a lifelong learning mindset.

If you want to change your trajectory, get started today. Lifelong learners don't wait for others. If corporate training is offered in your current position, take advantage of the corporate learning opportunities. Look for adult learning opportunities through local organizations. Consider any of the adult learning websites that offer lifelong learners online courses that are much cheaper than a formal educational opportunities.

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