Are Creativity and Innovation the Same Thing?

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Are Creativity and Innovation the Same Thing?

 By Chris Daily


Personal and professional growth is paramount to a well-lived life. You know that the more you learn, the better you become in whatever you pursue.

However, there may come times when you are comfortable with the status quo. You’ve reached your goals and have no desire to move on. Staying in this place is not ideal. It holds you back from achieving new goals and reaching your full potential. Innovation is one of those skills that will lead you to bigger and better places.

So, before you settle for less than your best, why not consider the importance of innovation?

4 Reasons to Develop the Skill of Innovation

If you have never thought of yourself as an innovative person, it’s time to discover why you should develop this skill. Innovation is not a gene that you inherit. It’s a soft skill that can be applied to your personal and professional life. Here are four reasons you should develop innovation:

Innovation Helps You Grow

  • Even if you have reached your personal goals, you shouldn’t stop. Likewise, businesses will continue to grow when innovation is part of their business plan. 

You Continue to Improve

  • Business processes can continually be adjusted to run more efficiently. You improve your skillset when you take steps to become more innovative. Opportunities to improve include learning and implementing new lessons and techniques.

Innovation Helps You Remain Relevant

  • You don’t want your company to become the dinosaur in the market. Entrepreneurs need to remain relevant to keep things running and moving smoothly.

Innovation Sets You Apart

  • Few want to follow the crowd. Instead, companies (and some people) know that setting themselves apart provides additional opportunities. This helps in an oversaturated market. You can become known for problem-solving in your market when you make innovation a priority.

Remember that innovation will enhance your professional life, personal life, and business. It’s a skill that will get you far. However, some people have different thoughts that stop them from developing this valuable skill, such as:

  • Thinking they have to create something new. No, you don’t. Being innovative also includes improving existing processes and products.

  • Innovation is about getting it right the first time. It’s quite the opposite. Learn fast and fail fast to get the most from testing. That ensures your innovative idea will work.

  • Being innovative is an inherited ability, not a skill. Some are naturally better at the process, but everyone can learn to be more innovative.

Don’t let yourself or your business become outdated and stagnant. Choose to include innovation in your arsenal of skills for success.

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