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Transform your approach to Agile leadership with our SAFe® Scrum Master course.


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Acquire Comprehensive Agile Knowledge

At Agile Meridian, we are proud to partner with ICAgile, the leading authority in high-quality, tailor-made agile and business agility training programs. Together, we bring you a powerful combination of expertise and resources to fuel your organization's agile journey and drive lasting transformation.

Rest assured that when you choose Agile Meridian and ICAgile, you're selecting a partnership that is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality training. ICAgile, as an accreditation body, ensures that each course meets rigorous standards and delivers internationally-recognized learning outcomes.

We have many courses to choose from.  Not sure what to pick?

Unlocking Agile Excellence for Your Team with our ICAgile Courses

With Agile Meridian, you gain access to a comprehensive range of courses that cater to every stage of your agile transformation journey. Whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to enhance your internal coaching capabilities, we offer the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Our partnership with ICAgile is built on a shared belief in the importance of a framework-neutral approach to agility. We recognize that different teams have unique requirements and work in diverse ways. By focusing on essential mindset shifts, we enable you to implement agile methods and frameworks that align with your specific needs and objectives.

The Learning Outcomes emphasized by ICAgile prioritize the principles of agility and the development of agile mindsets. This approach empowers learners to adapt and evolve their processes to meet the emerging needs of your organization, driving sustainable growth and success.

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Bootcamp starts December

Agile Coaching Bootcamp - ICAgile ACC and ATF

Our ICAgile Accredited Agile Coaching and Facilitation Bootcamp is a dual-certification program that prepares you to become an effective and sought-after Agile Coach.  It empowers you with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in a team or enterprise coaching role.  

Dates in December

Agile Team Coaching Certification

Our ICAgile Accredited Agile Coaching Intensive prepares you to become an influential and sought-after Agile Coach.  It empowers you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a team or enterprise coaching role.  

Dates in October

Art of Facilitation Masterclass

Inside the Facilitation Masterclass, we've put together a package that we wish we had had when we started out. We'll explore templates, practice patterns, and exercises you can use to supercharge how you facilitate anything.

Dates in November

The Product Mindset - ICAgile APO

The ICAgile Accredited Agile Product Owner (ICP-APO) course.  This course is a journey to the heart of a customer-centric, Product Mindset, where you will experientially learn how to be an effective and innovative Product Owner!

Cohort forming now!! Starts in October

Fundamentals of Agile - ICAgile ICP

Our ICAgile Accredited Course combines asynchronous learning with live-online instruction to give you an amazing experience and learning covering the bases: Agile, Lean, Scrum, and Kanban with plenty of cohort-based exercises to help you experience what you learn

Starting in October

Leading with Agility - ICAgile LEA

The ICAgile accredited Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA) learning experience is specifically designed to prepare leaders to respond to increasingly turbulent economic, technological, sociological and market forces as well as global paradigm shifts that require new leadership thinking.

Community Cohort

Leadership Accelerator

Embrace VUCA and the power of change to help lead and nurture amazing teams capable of amazing feats! It's all in you! Unleash your potential through your Leadership Agility and personal growth! 

Community Cohort

Facilitation and Coaching Accelerator

Become a World-Class Facilitator, Coach, and Mentor as you engage in a community of peers and with the coaches from Agile Meridian.   


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