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An Adaptive, Blended Approach to Improve Results

By: Mike Jebber

Approach influences the effectiveness of activity.  The way in which techniques are learned and applied is as important to their success as the techniques themselves.  TED talks are a great example of how approach influences learning.  In just a matter of minutes, exceptionally bright people breakdown often-complex ideas into simple consumable elements, introducing a broad audience to new subjects and inspiring others to reach beyond what they know.  The approach TED talks uses has a lot to do with their impact.  The simple, consistent, short, and visually-driven presentation style has captured the attention of audiences of all ages and introduced topics to people who may otherwise never be introduced to them.

Approach matters in learning proven techniques in your business as well.  Applying proven techniques with a modern approach provides expedited learning and utilization of both basic and complex activities.  Quick retention and utilization of activities generates quicker returns on learning and a system which reacts better to change.  An environment which is tuned to learn quickly and identify change as an opportunity will attract high-caliber talent.  Today’s talent is much more selective with their employment choices and are looking for environments that embrace a modern learning approach and change as opportunity.  To stay ahead in your industry, you will need to have an environment which delights, inspires, and attracts the best and brightest. 

Part of that approach will include sustainable improvement thinking and techniques.  In today’s organizations, sustainable improvement is as critical to success as great talent or financial capital. It’s well accepted that the rate of change around the globe is increasing, putting pressure on organizations to adapt quicker to trends and shifts. Because of this, it has become very popular to begin integrating values and techniques which accept, acknowledge, and take advantage of change like Lean and Agile. However, the approach with which you integrate such changes greatly impacts your results. Success depends heavily on modern thinking around learning and execution.

One key to successful adoption is the ability to blend existing structures and culture with learned Lean and Agile techniques and mindsets. This is where an adaptive, blended approach to learning and executing comes in. An adaptive, blended approach helps organizations adopt and wield new concepts quickly and effectively while reducing the risk of derailing complex current state situations and in-flight commitments.

Blending focuses on being pragmatic, situational, and measured with the learning and application of values and techniques. Gaining empathy and understanding of current state and then using this knowledge as part of a plan forward is vital to sustainable cultural transition and process improvement. The approach also reduces the dogmatic effect some professionals feel when being introduced to different mindsets. The blending of current knowledge with new learning creates a bridge forward built with familiar elements, decreasing the time needed to understand and effectively utilize new techniques.

So, learn how to be forward thinking in your approach and be sure to look for partners who use an adaptive, blended approach to learning and execution and you will continually delight yourself, your business, and those around you.  Get good at it and you may soon be posting your TED talk on YouTube soon!

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