10 Traits of Highly Motivated People

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10 Traits of Highly Motivated People

By Chris Daily

You know a highly motivated leader when you see one. Human motivation can often be seen in a leader's face. They seem indefatigable in the face of a challenge and possessive of more energy than a pink bunny with a drum…but what exactly are the character traits that help them stay that way? Many people struggle understanding motivation. Let's discover the traits of a highly motivated leader.


There's something about having a purpose that really motivates us. It could be to save the world or just to make a difference in our own lives, but when we have a goal to strive for, we can push ourselves harder than ever before. So what's your purpose? What drives you to keep going when things get tough? Are you intrinsically motivated? Most people figure it out. They harness the power; it'll help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

People struggle without a purpose. As a leader, if your purpose is closely related to the purpose of motivated employees, your people tend to be engaged and stay motivated.


I'm sure you've heard the saying "attitude is everything." Well, it's true! Being highly motivated and optimistic can be a driving force to how successful you are in life and your well-being. If you're always negative, no matter what the circumstances, things are going to be tough for you. But if you have a positive outlook and remain motivated, even when times are tough, then you'll be able to achieve anything. So don't give up on your dreams and goals just because of a little obstacle. Stay motivated and stay optimistic! You can do it! :)


There's no question that having high self-esteem is critically important. After all, if you don't have a high opinion of yourself, it's going to be tough to get started on anything—much less achieve great things. The self-esteem of highly motivated individuals helps boost your confidence and feel like the awesome person you truly are!


Have you ever done something that you were scared to do, but you did it anyway? Maybe you were scared of heights, but you went on a ride at the amusement park that was really high up. Or maybe you were scared of public speaking, but you agreed to give a speech in front of your class. What made you do it? Chances are, it was because you were highly motivated – meaning that your desire to achieve something was stronger than your fear. And that’s actually a good thing! Bravery is not about being fearless; it’s about doing what needs to be done in spite of our fears. So if your fear is holding you back from achieving something important, then don’t let it stop you. Motivated people delight in taking on new challenges, and they don’t back down from risk.


Motivated people have the requisite energy—mental, physical, or emotional—to move forward with their plan and fight the good fight. When you hear the words "highly motivated energy," what comes to mind? Most people might think of athletes or other people who are in great physical condition. But what if I told you that highly motivated energy is something that everyone can tap into? Highly motivated people tap into their own highly motivated energy and use it to achieve their goals.


People with high levels of motivation don’t just give up when the going gets tough. They feel motivated to buckle down, focus, and stick to their guns.

I was reading an article the other day about some research that was conducted on the human behavior of highly motivated workers. The researchers were looking at what it is that makes these people so successful, and they found something pretty interesting. It turns out that the key to success for these people is not necessarily talent or intelligence, but rather a persistence. They don't give up easily, no matter how difficult things get, and this is what helps them to achieve their goals. So if you're feeling down about your progress lately, remember that persistence is key! Keep pushing through and you'll eventually reach your goals.


Highly motivated people don’t get it twisted with the small stuff. They know how to sort through life’s myriad concerns and ignore the little things that could pull them off course. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the little things in life and lose perspective using all-or-nothing thinking. But it's important to remember that there are bigger things going on in the world, and leaders need to focus on what's important. By keeping perspective, leaders can stay grounded and appreciate what we have.​​​​​​​


When you lose, don’t lose the lesson, an old adage goes, and motivated human beings get that. While bravery, energy, and persistence are some of their sterling qualities, that doesn’t mean they make stupid choices. Motivated people reflect on the process and move forward with intelligence and strategy. Leadership is all about reflection. In order to be a good leader, leaders have to take a step back and look at what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how it's impacting those around them. It's not always easy to be reflective - in fact, it can be downright difficult at times. But that's exactly why it's so important. If leaders are not reflecting on their own actions, then how can they improve? Leaders that aren't improving are not really leading. If you are a leader, then take some time for reflection - it'll make you a better leader for sure.


Motivated people also have a perspective on their own strengths and weaknesses. An arrogant person will quickly run up against a wall again and again as opposing egos clash with their quest. By contrast, a humble person will have an easier time carrying out their plan, taking feedback, and adjusting course as necessary. They’re not offended—their eyes are on the prize, and they’ll take the help they need to get there.


Motivated people enjoy success and they celebrate it. It’s not about throwing it in other people’s faces, but about appreciating the hard work just done, and looking forward to a new journey. People often think of celebrations as a time to commemorate something happy that has happened, like a birthday or getting a new job. But there's another kind of celebration – one to mark the end of a successful project or an important milestone reached. Leaders understand that. As their teams succeed, leaders celebrate the hard work and the achievements that have been accomplished. Celebrating influences the future by sending the message "Let's keep up the good work and stay on top!"

Are you highly motivated? Highly motivated people are able to see the bigger picture and have a positive vision of what could be in the future. It is easier to be motivated if a person has a purpose and an optimistic outlook on the future.

What motivates you? Are you intrinsically motivated or are you looking for external rewards? In future posts, we'll explore human behavior, motivating factors, external rewards, intrinsic motivation, and extrinsic motivation.

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