Lifelong Learner: Challenge Yourself with a Daily Learning Promise

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Challenge Yourself, as a Lifelong Learner, with a Daily Learning Promise

By Chris Daily

A lifetime of learning can begin today. Even if:

  • You didn't graduate high school

  • Your formal education years through school are over

  • Life is getting in the way of your career

  • You have difficulty picking up new skills and learning new things in the past

  • You've lost your passion for your career


You can become an adult learner and teach yourself how to learn anything. If you desire to improve yourself, you have everything you need to embrace adult learning.

If there isn't a college or adult education facility near you, you can explore taking an adult learning course online. If you're one of the adult learners that likes a more formal education, see what adult learning courses are being offered locally. If you desire to engage in a lifelong learning process, you'll find a way to start your lifelong learning journey and get the job done.


Are You Happy?

Maybe you are set in your ways and happy right now. Your life is pretty good. You don't really see a need to try to obtain any new knowledge.

Stop a second and think: Does that make sense? Has technological innovation stopped? Do you really not need to continue your personal development? Are you in a dead end position that I don't want to stay in for personal or professional reasons and you want to change?

Or, do you, you recognize that the world is constantly changing with development of new technologies require you to add to your knowledge base through adult learning has its rewards. If you take charge of your adult learning through a self directed learning approach, you can improve your critical thinking, stay relevant and move up the corporate ladder.

Lifelong learners who take control of their own learning journey have a quicker path to retirement in the future and more pay and benefits in the short term. 


Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities are more available to non traditional students through:

  • Formal training through corporate learning and leadership programs.

  • Individual adult learning (ex. accounting, emotional intelligence, time management) courses through corporate learning sites.

  • External training funded as part of corporate training for adult learners through third party providers.

  • External training funded personally by lifelong learners through third party providers.

  • Adult learning membership sites such as Pluralsight, and Linkedin Learning.

  • Individual courses offered from sites such as Udemy and Coursera.

  • Specialized school, such as a coding academy, that offers courses and training that focus on a specific discipline in a classroom setting.


Not Just Formal Training

Your self-directed learning process doesn't have to be limited to formal adult learning. Perhaps you'd like to socialize more.

You could take up volunteer work. That's a great way to serve the world while meeting other learners with similar likes and interests.

Also, you can take on tasks that provide opportunities for risk taking and moving out of your comfort zone without risking your professional success.

Those real life experiences provide practical experiential learning experience and knowledge in your lifelong learning journey that may not be available to you in your current professional environment.


Self-Directed Learning Challenge

One Way to Embrace Lifelong Learning throughout Your Life Is to Give Yourself a Daily Self Directed Learning Challenge.

Embracing lifelong learning through professional development and experiential learning is not a one and done experience where you can attend an adult learning class and get a certificate.

Lifelong learners don't wake up one day to find they are learning new skills and practicing lifelong learning. Lifelong learning starts by embracing the concept and taking one step after another.

Committing to a self directed approach is making sense to more and more folks as they, for their own sake, are staying up to date with the skills, knowledge, and learning experiences that are required in an ever changing world. A lifelong learner is an example for children, adults, and even teachers.


Start Today

Start by writing something down that you want to learn tomorrow before you go to bed tonight. It can be anything, big, small, personal, or professional. It might take several days or weeks, perhaps even months, to gain the knowledge and skills you desire. That's okay. Your goal is to add to your lifelong learning journey every day.

Continue Tomorrow

When you wake up tomorrow, take another look at your daily self directed learning challenge. Repeat this process every day, and your subconscious will prepare you for tomorrow's learning experience while you sleep.

Then when you wake up and read what you have to learn today, you're already mentally inclined to have a positive outlook on the experience. In essence, you have created an adult learning environment in your head by adopting a self-improvement mindset.

One Step after Another

Remember, you don't have to learn some great skill. Maybe you've never baked a pie. You've always thought it would be cool to know how. That's something you can do in a relatively short period.

You'll learn several things at once, like how to follow instructions, use your oven for a baking project, and clean your kitchen after you get flour everywhere.

It's a Journey

That may not sound like something earth-shattering. After all, it's only baking a pie. What happens in your mind is truly wonderful, though. Lifelong learners don't learn earth shattering things.

Instead Lifelong Learners gain knowledge every day through the self motivated pursuit that results in a positive attitude and personal fulfillment.

Change Your Brain

Anytime you learn anything, you add circuitry to your brain. You make connections that were not there previously. You're growing your brain's ability to learn new things, and your memory simultaneously gets a boost resulting in transformative learning experiences.


Failure can be good.

Repeated day after day, adult learners create a pattern of learning. You, as an adult learner, can turn your successes and your failures into transformative learning experiences.

Adult learning theories show that failing can teach adult learners a lot more about themselves than success. There are personal, financial, physical, emotional, and even spiritual rewards from continually learning new things.

Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary. Like most things in life, there are two things that you need to do to become one of the lifelong learners. First, you need to have an understanding the concept that you have a need to improve your knowledge, skills, and experience through education. Second, you simply need to take the first step and start.

Adult learners, by learning something new daily, promote a lifetime of transformational learning and a positive attitude that they can benefit from in every area of their life.  

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